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Tuscany is a big coffer of arts and culture that fits with a lots of possibility of tour and so it is difficult to propose a list of tours. We prefer plaining your visits everytime according to your requests.

Tours are in the following idioms: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese. Other languages on request.

Tours here below are just an example the possibilities our region can offer.


HALF DAY: €130 (3hours in Siena or 2h in the surroundings) till 30 people + €2 each extra person
FULL DAY: € 260 (3hours in Siena or in the surroundings) till 30 people + € 4,00 extra person

Small groups till 6 people
HALF DAY (max 3hours): € 145,00
FULL DAY (max3+3hours): € 290,00

Extra hour €40

Special offer (on request)
A) Groups of students (max 2hours): maximum fare €135.
B) For tours starting after h14.00 and ending within h17.00  the fare is €125 for maximum 2h.
C) Guided tour of churches or museums (max 1h, after 05.00pm) €55 for a group.
D) Guided tour of Siena ending within h11.00 o’clock in Piazza del Campo (max 2hours): maximum fare €110

For info or booking, please call: +39577718148, +393383851115, +393407721473. 

Rental of headphones, that will be delivered directly at the arrival of the group .

The rates are as follows:
· € 2.00 per person for groups halfday
· € 3.90 per person for groups fullday
 In case of loss and / or damage is a penalty of 70 € + VAT per appliance
For delivery in other locations outside the main cities, there is also a delivery costs €25 per group.

We can book for you the entrance at museums and monuments. For this service we need to be paid in advance and €15 agency fee.



San Gimignano and Monteriggioni
The places of Assassin s Creed

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