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Duration 3 hours and a half in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

Price € 16 per pax (minimum 30pax)
Children from 3 to 8 € 8
Free teachers, tour leaders, disabled

The price includes:
Guided tour of Monteriggioni and San Gimignano
Admission to the museum "Monteriggioni in Arms" and the walkways on the walls in Monteriggioni.
Admission to the museum "San Gimignano 1300" with private entrance
Participation at treasure hunt (see details)

The fans of the famous video game can visit the castle of Monteriggioni, the place where the feats of Ezio Auditore are set, walking on the powerful outer walls that for centuries resisted the attacks of the Florentines. Entering the museum of arms and armour, you can think you are in the armoury of Ezio’s villa.
San Gimignano 1300 is not just a museum it is an EXPERIENCE! Storyboards, multi-media exhibits, street scenes, and a ceramic recreation of the city as it existed in 1300, are just a few of the exhibits that make this a "must see" family event. Together with state of the art lighting and sound, the museum brings to life what hasn't existed for over 700 years! The Museum is the culmination of the vision of two Master Artists, Michelangelo and Raffaello Rubino who, together with a team of artisans and historians, have faithfully recreated San Gimignano as it once existed.
At San Gimignano 1300 you will learn, among other things, why most of the 72 towers collapsed and discover why the Via Francigena was so important to the city's growth. Come and visit our historic facility and be amazed by what was recently described as a  "masterpiece of human achievement".
The Treasure Hunt is an outdoor activity the streets of the medieval town of San Gimignano. The students, after a visit to the Museum SanGimignano1300, during which they will be given information about the history, culture and art of this city, a fascinating treasure hunt will begin through the streets of the city. Quizzes, puzzles, traps, mysterious symbols, calculations, measurements and plot twists will be the ingredients of an adventure that will remain unforgettable for students. The activity is designed to stimulate the curiosity of children, their sense of direction and the ability to work in group. Students will be in fact divided into groups and will compete in the search for the mysterious treasure. It will be found only at the conclusion of a dynamic and interactive way that will make them come in close contact with this city and with its many secrets. Different versions are available, with varying degrees of difficulty according to the level of students.

Meeting with the guide in Monteriggioni and a guided tour of the town including the museum "Monteriggioni in Arms" and walkways in the city round of walls. At the end departure for San Gimignano and panoramic guided tour of the city. In the afternoon, after the lunch break, Treasure hunt on the streets of San Gimignano.

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