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Everything happened in September 1260; Florence threteaned Siena with a big army and it asked the inconditional surrender in exchange of not destroying it. The Sienese people, for not to loose the freedom decided to counter-attack. They asked help to the castles and the villages most faithful to the Republic. The Ascianese people rushed quickly and his contribution for his victory was so determinant to deserve the call the appellation of the “ascianese polite”. The courtesy, this kindness we put at your disposal to make your stay in Terra di Siena, the most agreeble as possible. We are Matteo and Valentina, we are an incoming tour operator, a travel agency, we have two big residences Borgo Beccanella and Palazzo Monaci, and we are tourist guides and tour leaders.
Our office is in Asciano, where we leave and where
we are always in contact with our costumers giving them help and assistance during their holiday (Our staff speak Italian, English, French, German, Spanish).  
We offer our costumers a full service through the experience and the knowledge of people who were born and grown in the aridity of these earths, and wants to help you to understand them and to appreciate them. Our work is made from a staff of people who have the experience of a life spent between calanchi and biancane, rejoicing or crying in Il Campo in Siena during the Palio.  
We are waiting for you!!!

Il Paese del Garbo di Partidaqui di Ghini Valentina, vai Sant'Agata 7, 53041 Asciano (SI).
C.F. GHNVNT75L64I726D, P.I. 01195470529, R.E.A. SI-128509

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