Frequent Asked Questions

1) Why do fares change at the dating variation?

Tour Operators change the fares basing on the different saesons and on the individual costs and taxes applied to every single package.

2) Where can I find the child fares?

The child shares are normally signaled in the booking panel. In the case in which they were expected in the offer we have to advance a request at the customer care 0577718148 or write an e-mail at info@ilpaesedelgarbo.it to verify the avalaibility.

3) Is it possible to leave in different dates that are mentioned in the website?

Yes, it is, but only on request, calling our booking 0577718148

4) What is an Agriturismo?

An Agriturismo is a farm which offers the possibility to rent an appartment or a room which are inside the property.

5) What is the difference between an agriturismo and aresidence or a farm holiday ?

The main difference is that an agriturismo is part of a farm, a farm house or a residence are buildigs planned for tourits and they are not necessarely bound to a farm.

6) What are the services which offer an agriturismo, a farm-holiday and a residence?

The service which these receptive buildings offer is the  location of an estate. Others services change from farm to farm but they are extras dependig by the wish of the owner, they are not compulsory according to law.

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